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Month: May, 2010

Blog on hiatus

I can now be found blogging on foreign policy and international relations issues for The Lowy Institute’s The Interpreter blog.

This blog will continue in hiatus while I’m working for Lowy.

As visitors would know, I’m currently in the process of completing a PhD. I am now entering the final intensive 6 months of that effort, and while also trying to write journal articles and book chapters, something in my schedule had to give. So I’m putting this blog on hold until at least the end of the year. Thank you to all who have visited and commented. I’ve had a great time writing this blog, especially the chance to argue with some of the finest minds in the country; I’ve learned a lot, and I will return, hopefully as Dr Carr.

I think blogs offer a fantastic opportunity for the academic community to communicate with politicians, policy makers, the media and most importantly the public at large. The influence and importance of blogs for academics is sure to grow in the future, but for the time being my career depends on accruing DEEWR points through publishing in journals and finishing the PhD. As this site was also established as my official site, I’ll update it with any new publications, but otherwise it will be in hiatus whilst I focus on my doctorate (Currently titled ‘Australia as a Middle Power Norm Entrepreneur 1983-2010’)

Thanks again to all who visited, stay safe and I hope you enjoy what is sure to be a fascinating political year.



I’ve been hard at it over the last few months, with the PhD nearly at full draft stage. Here are some things i’ve also been working on that may be of interest. I intend to restart this blog in February once the political year returns and the bulk of the editing is underway.

Op-Ed’s for Online Opinion – Link

Book Chapter: Carr, A & Roberts, C (2010) Foreign Policy under the Rudd Government in C Aulich and M Evans (eds) (2010) The Rudd Government: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2007-2010 Canberra: ANU E-press- PDF or HTML

Papers: From Deputy Sheriff to Lone Ranger: The Foreign Policy of the Rudd Government (pdf) Refereed Paper for the 2010 Australian Political Science Association Conference University of Melbourne
The Republicanism of Sir Robert Menzies (pdf) by Carr, A & Jones, B Refereed paper for the 2010 Australian Political Science Association Conference University of Melbourne